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Compulsive Eating
(Binge Eating Disorder)


Eating Disorders Questionnaire

yes noDo you eat when you are not physically hungry?
yes noDo you often start and break diets?
yes noDo you sneak eat or feel ashamed of what or how much you eat in front of others?
yes noDo you feel in control of your eating at times and completely out of control at other times?
yes noDo you binge, fast, induce vomiting, use laxatives or excessive exercise to try to control your weight?
yes noDo you often feel fat or ashamed of your body?
yes noDo you often compare your body to others and end up feeling inadequate?
yes noDoes your happiness revolve around how much or how little you eat and weigh?
yes noDo you think that life would be perfect if you were only a certain weight?
yes noAre your feelings about food and your body preventing you from living the life you want to live?
If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you may have a serious eating disorder.

Symptoms of food, weight and body image issues
(as opposed to full blown eating disorders)