Supportive Services

I offer individual, family and group therapy for people struggling with food, weight and body issues. I help people discover why they are overeating or undereating and learn how to develop healthy relationships with hunger and food.

Because food and weight issues tend to be so isolating and secretive, it is essential for you break your isolation by reaching out to people who can help you. As you probably know, you can't reach out to just anyone, it must be someone who really understands what it is like to be out of control with food and weight and what it takes to recover.

My hope is that over time you will build a support system in your own community. You can do this through individual or group therapy, support groups, or with understanding friends, family or other people who are in recovery themselves.


[Please Note: Marsea will be traveling for the entire year of 2020! She is not currently taking any new clents. Click here if you would like notice of her return.]

Part educational and part therapeutic my Food, Weight and Body Image Groups are a safe place to explore the issues underlying food and weight struggles. I am an experienced therapist and have successfully dealt with food and weight issues in my own life.


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Did you know...?

In addition to treating food and weight issues, I treat depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and relationship issues.

Besides my groups, I also work with individual adults and teens, as well as families and couples.