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I base my philosophy on my personal experience of overcoming weight problems and the knowledge that diets do not work. Diets promote deprivation and as a result they provoke eating binges. Diets are built on the assumption that people cannot trust their own bodies to tell them what to eat and therefore need to have someone else prescribe, and sometimes provide, their food for them.

I teach people how to live with food. I believe that, when aware, most people know exactly what they should or should not eat. Weight gain or obsession is really a symptom of inner pain, not a lack of knowledge or willpower. I help people look beyond their symptoms and into the real issues that have caused them to overeat in the first place.

By creating a non-judgemental, supportive atmosphere, I help people understand their personal history and learn what it is they are truly hungry for. Using professional counseling expertise, education, personal stories and humor, I teach people how to address the underlying psychological issues that cause their weight problems. They learn why they overeat, how to distinguish between obsession and health, and specific tools to use in their daily lives.

If you are concerned about yourself or someone who struggles daily with food or weight, please look through my website for valuable information and then contact me.

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